Corey & Marquel

Meet Corey.

Corey was one of my first besties when I moved to Hilton Head Island from Texas at the ripe age of six. We danced together, we went to girl scouts together, and we even went to school together. She was always beautiful and always generous. I adored every opportunity that I got to sleep over at her house and spend time with her and her lovely family!

I had the privilege of being the one to photograph Corey’s wedding, and the results are nothing less than perfect. They are perfect because Corey, and her now hubby Marquel, who had been together for exactly (checking now) 4,573 days at the time of the wedding, have that perfect kind of love that can withstand all of the crazy challenges that life throws their way.

I, along with everyone else who knows Corey, am so proud of the beautiful woman she has become and the family that she produced. Her husband is sweet, handsome and caring. And her gorgeous little one daughter is a total joy! (Still banking on her being the next Misty Copeland!) Anyway, I will walk you all through her wedding day and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks again Corey and Marquel. <3

Getting Ready


Corey’s grandfather couldn’t be there because of sudden health issues. It was probably the sweetest thing I ever witnessed listening to them speak. I won’t forget him saying, “It does my heart good to talk to you, Corey.”
I don’t usually favor black and white for my images, because there is so much beauty to be captured in color. However, with Corey’s wedding photos there were so many classic beauty moments I felt were best translated through black and white. I had a lot of fun with color as well as you will see later on.


The Ceremony


The first look. They couldn’t stop smiling. <3


The Details


 The details of the wedding day were absolutely gorgeous! Bravo to the Hilton Head Island Marriott for making it such a magical day!


The End of the Night

Oh, the cuteness.
The first dance.

Father daughter dances always make me cry a river!

They shared a very sweet moment between them.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sims!

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