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Welcome everyone to Matt & Cat’s wedding day blog post! I met these two awhile back for the first time at their engagement shoot. I was OVER the moon when she asked me to be their photographer and when I met them my jaw dropped! They are literally the most photogenic couple and just so, so in love!  Of course I appreciate how easy they make taking their photo. Truthfully though, every time that I am in the space of a couple that is in love it also renews my faith in the world and in love. It is no wonder this is my profession!

Their special day took place on May 4, 2019 at Daufuskie’s Old Daufuskie Crab Company and Silver Dew Winery. For those of you that don’t know, Daufuskie requires a boat ride (around 45 min each way) then when you arrive the most common form of transport is golf cart! Just taking your first steps off the ferry it instantly feels like some far away vacation on a fabulous island. Which I guess it is on a smaller scale. The whole day moved behind for a good bit and the morning felt like some kinda chaos, haha, as is customary for weddings. The bride did an amazing job at keeping her cool and trying to enjoy her morning and being kind to everyone in her space. I know that isn’t always so easy to do when it feels like everything is on the verge of going wrong! Still, she managed to keep loving on everyone around her. She was incredibly sweet and helpful. 

{I am going to just throw in one of her gorgeous bridal shots from Savannah right here}

By the time we got to the location for the first look though we were really on a time crunch and you could see the stress was starting to get to her. The communication between the groomsmen and the bridal party seemingly ineffective in trying to get this first look to happen before the ceremony!

Then, the absolute sweetest thing was seeing all of the tension and the stress melt from their faces the moment they were together and back in each other’s arms. All of the heart flutters right there. This is definitely one of the reasons I absolutely love first looks. It is such a special moment that can be really felt and shared between the bride and groom without any formalities in the way. The gentle reminder of why you are there in the first place.

The groom’s face completely lit up as she walked down the aisle for their final, “I do”.

There was, for pretty much the entire day, a storm watch. Bright skies that quickly had clouds coming in. Amazingly, the storm waited until the perfect time. The bride and groom were able to hide with everyone inside the restaurant and watch the downpour, their sign of good luck, together. Then it cleared! Just in time for their cake cutting and the photos of the two together.

Y’all, dolphins. There were dolphins wishing them well while we were taking pictures at the dock.

(I also fell into a crack in the dock but we won’t talk about that. haha)

The night ended after some very sweet toasts and dancing. Lastly, their romantic little getaway shot. The day could not have been more perfect. Congratulations #happilyforeverhard … May the 4th be ever in your favor. 🙂


Venue: Old Daufuskie Crab Company & Silver Dew Winery

Dress: Bleu Belle Bridal (Savannah, GA)


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