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Hi, I’m Heather!

It is so wonderful having you here in my corner to learn a little bit about what I have to offer you. I know that sometimes it can be daunting navigating through the many wonderful and talented photographers out there. Sometimes to the point that it is straight up paralyzing! All I can say is to go with your gut and find a person that you connect with because that truly is a priceless thing in someone providing a service as important as documenting your life! I personally take it to heart how valuable such a task is. It is seriously the coolest job and has taken me into the lives of such wonderful people, some which I've since become very close friends with! Hopefully we can connect and can find out if we are the right fit for each other. Feel free to contact me by clicking the link below and we can have a chat about it!

Dancer. Photographer, Francophile. Coffee lover. Mama. Life partner.

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The venture into photography started for me in 2016 and was mostly inspired by my regret over not having documented my son's life more. Back in the days when I was expecting him, all I had for pictures was an old blackberry phone! Just atrocious! ha

All joking aside though it does break my heart. When I started working with photography my work was in weddings and I came to discover over time how near and dear to my heart working with children and families is. I know to the marrow of my bone how fleeting this time in your life is and I want to tell your story. My own children are a daily practice in storytelling and I am so grateful for it.

"Time spent playing with children is never wasted." Dawn Lantero

Lifestyle Photographer

you deserve to have your memories PRESERVED and your life remembered as it is today