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How long have you been working as a photographer ?


Great question! I have been working as a photographer shooting all kinds of things since 2016! I had wanted to pick it up for years before I bought my first DSLR but didn’t get the confidence until 2016. I purchased a camera and took a course in photography during my last semester in school while finishing up my History degree. I currently have 3 full frame DSLR camera bodies, and lenses that cover basically any focal length one would need covered for most any occasion! I also have flash equipment and studio gear.

Studio gear ? Do you work in a studio?


I have a backdrop stand and a backdrop to use for shoots that I may do on location for local dancers. I do not currently work out of a studio. I have considered it for years but have not had sufficient demand to support the notion that I should make that extra expense. Yet!

What if we schedule with you and someone gets COVID-19 or it rains?


I will always do what I can to support my clients through any situation that may require a reschedule! For my local clients refunds will not be given for circumstances out of the control of my company and the client IF a reschedule is possible. For my out-of-town clients. Should there just be no circumstance that could have given us the possibility of a reschedule, refunds will be given. The retainer portion with be held in every case just to recover my lost time from the original time spent planning, date blocking and booking.

What is the retainer?


The retainer is a 25% charge of the total session fee. The remainder should be paid at any point up to the day of your session

How do we reserve our session?


You can send me an email and then we can connect in whatever way is easiest for you to make sure we can find a date that works for us both!

How do we get our images? How long does it take?


When your session has been completed and I have finished picking out and editing the best of the photos, I will be sending you VIA email your online gallery. The gallery will have a watermark on the images as its intended purpose is to help you pick which images you would then like to purchase for digital copies OR for prints! Your sessions edits should be done and delivered within 2-3 weeks!

Can we order prints through you?


Yes! There is nothing that I love more than fulfilling print orders for my clients! It is exactly the reason why we take the pictures we do! So that we can see all that beauty in its printed glory! The print shop that I work with is so fantastic and provides great quality products as well as customer service! I would most definitely recommend having prints made through my business than through a lesser quality third party. I can make no guarantees about products from other businesses.

Are there any style sessions you don’t do?


Generally speaking, I am willing and experienced in most forms of photography. The only thing that I have done that I am certain I do not want to do is real estate photography and styled newborn work. Otherwise, I am happy to do work for businesses and branding, small weddings and elopements (ask me for my website with more info on this), senior sessions, dancer sessions, military homecomings, birth photography, maternity, etc. If you have a specific shoot you are interested in don’t hesitate to ask!

Why should we choose you over another photographer?


This is such a great question. If you have gotten this far through the FAQ and into my website then I imagine that you were drawn to my photos and the way I view the world. That’s such an important part of choosing a photographer. If my style appeals to you then the only other thing to ask is what else? The biggest thing I can offer you is that I LOVE WHAT I DO! I love being able to jump into the lives of my clients and try to see life through their eyes and capture everything as it is through my lens. There is nothing more thrilling than knowing I’ve captured such precious connections in a photograph for such wonderful individuals. I will do everything I can to make this the most pleasant experience for you and your loved ones. xoxo


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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
Aaron Siskind


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