Heather Cahoon Photography

Heather Cahoon Photography

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” Marc Riboud


Being on this planet together means we instantly have a shared experience in this life. Being an empath means I deeply value what you value. Being an artist means I have a perspective that is unique to me. Photography has provided for me the means of capturing the world the way I see it.

I have always seen life through a more romantic and natural lens. Intimacy has always pulled me into stories of all kinds. Traveling always leaves me in awe of what took place that I will never fully know or be able to grasp. An individual’s life often seems inconsequential to those that don’t get to experience it fully. To me, that is anything but the truth. Every person has so much richness and depth to their existence. So much personal history filled with love, laughter, joy as well as pain and suffering. It is my biggest goal to take this into account when working with my clients. Your life is not inconsequential. It is important. You are valued. My images will reflect those deeper emotions that you’ve come to know and experience.

Let’s work together to remind your world how valuable your story and your life is.

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