Wedding Investment

Wedding Investment

Hey there, friends!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your wedding day is such a special day in your life. It is the day that you get to join hips with your partner for life, officially. That is a pretty darn big deal. I don’t take any day for granted in my job but I most definitely take your wedding day as seriously as if it were my own! It is my priority, as your wedding photographer, to provide for you and your loved ones the most pleasurable and stress-free experience that I can all while capturing some pretty amazing photos. I recognize the investment that you make in me and I reciprocate that. My business has been blessed enough to shoot some of the most stunning weddings and that experience has left me beyond humbled. I would be so honored to work with you both on making your perfect day even more wonderful.

Let’s work together and make your day the romantic, intimate and authentic day it should be!

A little about me…

my face
Hey, it’s me!

It’s always a little weird talking about yourself to people that you may or may not know! haha I think it is pretty important though for you to know a little about me! WHY should it matter to you? It should matter to YOU because who YOU choose to photograph YOUR amazing, spectacular and perfect day needs to be someone that speaks to YOUR soul! If I am not that person, that is important for you to know! Always choose the one that represents your values and who can reflect your choice in life in a way that makes you shine. <3 I may not be for everyone and you guys, that is more than ok. I know the couples who do choose me are the ones that will be over the moon with my work and not dread having to spend so much time with me! πŸ˜‰

  • I am in my early 30’s. Feeling old y’all.
  • I am obsessed with love. I grew up dancing (ballet). The ballets that have always spoke the most to me have been the ones revolving completely and totally around LOVE!
  • I could spend an entire day in an art museum just completely in awe of what is in front of me. Bonus points if it was made more than 50 years ago.
  • Why bonus points for 50+ years on the planet? HISTORY! I graduated with a degree in History and a minor in French. Again… not surprising considering I am a total romantic. πŸ˜‚
  • About French… I’m a little obsessed. Really I think all languages are incredible and I would invest a huge chunk of time in learning them if I had a little more time and didn’t have to worry about paying bills. lol French though, France in general, is my true love. It is a dream of mine to someday live in a small town in France in a cottage with my love, in close proximity to a book shop and cafe.
  • Did someone say cafe? I love tea… buuut coffee would win every time.
  • Books? I’m obsessed. Give me all the books. Master book collector over here. There is just something about the smell and the feel of a good book. Barnes & Noble is my favorite. It will be a very sad day for me if the local store ever closes their doors.
  • Remember how I said I grew up dancing? I actually still teach ballet! Mostly so I can keep that love close to me in my life.
  • Travel? Yeah, I love it. I have lived in Austria, Israel and Hungary. Other countries I have been able to stay briefly at include France (duh), Germany, Switzerland, England and Ireland. If you want someone who would love to travel and have a pretty significant respect for other cultures, I AM YO’ GIRL.
  • I live on an island but I am a mountains and hiking girl through and through. Bonus points for you book me to capture your Mountain View elopement! 😍
  • Speaking of all this terrain preference stuff… I really care about this precious planet we live on. Any measure I can take to keep it healthy and safe I will take it.
  • The Office, Parks and Rec, Golden Girls, The Witcher, The Mandalorian… I mean… there are so many. I could watch these all day everyday though.
  • Favorite movies, Wicker Park and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
  • I um… have been known to play World of Warcraft off and on for like… the last 15 years. Feeling old again. πŸ˜‚ On that note, my daughter was named Elwynn Forest… yes. That happened. haha
  • Rainy days over bright sunny ones for me everyday!
  • It took me way too long but I found the man of my dreams. I seriously didn’t know a human could be so wonderful until I found him. (Thanks Jack for introducing us!)
  • Now, for pretty much the most important thing in my life, I am a family girl. Hard working and always hustling but a mom of two! Hopefully more someday. My kiddos are my world! When you have a family to work for and support it changes everything.
  • Lastly…

my why.

Now that you know a little about me what can I do for you? Who is the person that I would love to work with and that I think would love to work with me? Chances are you are also a romantic. You value that intimate shot that goes in close and makes your heart skip a beat. I would be willing to bet you may not be the most comfortable in front of a camera, maybe even an introvert (me!!!) but while you may want some direction you also really love the idea of natural and candid photos. You may not know what it is about the photos that you love that makes you love them but you know the feeling they give you and that’s what you want.

If you are this person, let’s chat! I know we can make some magical photos that you will consider a treasure forever and beyond. πŸ’›

flower girls ring bearers big wedding

Complete Package

The first-class package with the most comprehensive coverage, a beautifully designed album and superior canvas prints.

  • Welcome package!
  • Pre-wedding consultation
  • Up to 10 Hours day of photography coverage by lead photographer
  • 8 Hours with a second shooter
  • 24 page Wedding Album
  • 2x Large 30″ x 30″ Canvases or Framed Prints
  • 20x Small 5″ x 7″ Prints
  • 700+ Digital Images in an online gallery.
  • Includes high and low resolution photos, retouched and ready to print
  • Engagement Session included


engagement ring merry and bright Christmas

Standard Package

The ideal total package with extensive coverage and a beautifully designed album.

  • Welcome package!
  • Pre-wedding consultation
  • 8 Hours photography
  • 2 Shooters
  • 1x Large 30″ x 30″ Canvas or Framed Print
  • 650+ Photos
  • Includes high resolution photos, retouched and ready to print
  • Engagement Session included


large happy wedding party

Basic Package

The perfect starter package with great coverage and high-resolution images.

  • Pre-wedding consultation
    6 Hours photography withΒ ONEΒ photographer
  • 300+ Photos
  • Includes high resolution photos, retouched and ready to print
  • Online gallery


What do you think? Why don’t you shoot me an email and we can schedule a time to chat!