Welcome to the world...

A newborn baby is a bundle of joy and happiness that brings immense joy to the family. It's a precious moment in the life of any family, and it deserves to be captured and preserved for posterity. That's why newborn lifestyle photography has become a popular trend in recent years.

Beaufort, SC, with its beautiful beaches, historic architecture, and stunning natural scenery, provides a perfect backdrop for a lifestyle photography session. The gentle sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and the soft sunlight create a warm and can be a welcoming environment for your little one's first photo shoot.

A newborn lifestyle photography session is all about capturing natural moments of your baby's life in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The goal is to create a collection of images that show the connection and love between the newborn and their family.

This session took place at the family's home, a beautiful home in Beaufort, SC, a location that holds a special meaning for the family. The home where the family is starting their life as a family of 3+1 (their first baby, i.e. puppy Dwight).

When I arrived at their home, I was greeted by the proud grandparents, of the adorable little baby boy, bustling out the door with beaming faces. Then I am welcome by his sweet parents who I met years ago to photograph their engagement and wedding. More recently their maternity session in Habersham.

The Living Room

Their newborn, just two weeks old, had the sweetest little face. We started the session by capturing some candid shots in their living room of the baby snuggling with his mom and dad, and sleeping soundly. One thing that I had bonded over with the family was their mutual love for the show "The Office", something that they wanted to include in this fun session.

The Nursery

We then moved to the nursery, where we took advantage of the stunning decor that was carefully crafted and pieced together. The parents continued to snuggle with Shem, and enjoyed the warm sun entering through their windows. I captured some candid moments of the family laughing, snuggling, and just enjoying each other's company.

The Bedroom

Finally, we headed back to the bedroom for some more intimate moments with the family to show where new parents and a new baby spend the majority of their time in the beginning. I captured some images of the baby sleeping peacefully in their arms, his parents gazing lovingly at him, and the family enjoying some quiet moments together.