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It is such a joy connecting with my clients and getting to know more about them and their wonderful lives. You should have FUN during your session and not feel like it is a chore! We will go through a set of prompts and let things naturally progress into a session of bonding that I happen to be following along, hiding behind some bushes and photographing!

My personal brand has developed so much over the years. The one quality that I take a lot of pride in and has been most consistent is that I really do want the absolute best for my clients. I truly believe that you deserve it, no matter what! There’s so much fun to be had trying to make the experience an absolute blast for everyone involved during the session and after.

Welcome Package

Shortly after booking your session and receiving all of your information I will be sending you a welcome packet! It has helpful hints on how best to prepare for your session to make it as successful and fun as we can!

Step 01


Create your timeframe

Depending on what your session is we will need to work together planning on your timeframe for your session. The plans of the day can really vary depending on your needs and ultimate goal!

Step 02


Gallery - Simple & Stress-free

How to

One of the nicer things about my packages being designed the way they are is that it gives you the freedom to choose simply what works best for YOU and what YOU want! Your gallery will come to you 2-3 weeks after your session has been completed and the purchases you most want made can be then!


Step 03

Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks

Tips & tricks

Tips & tricks
Tips & tricks


Never Settle for Less

Hey YOU! YOU deserve the best! Why would you settle for anything less? We can work together to make this the best session ever! Between my gear, eye, training and your love, beauty, connection and personalities we can totally make magic. Let’s do something amazing!


Keep an open mind

You may be feeling a little unsure about a few things. Maybe you aren’t sure about your house for a lifestyle shoot. Just be willing to clear a corner or two with good window light and we can make it work!


Communication is key

I am here for you! That is something I want to be sure you know! Client experience to me is so much about how well the communication level is with the business you are employing. I am here for you and want you to reach out to me should you need anything at all or have any kinds of questions!


Years of experience

I’ve been shooting in the lowcountry for years now. I have a pretty good idea about what our local area has to offer! I would love to help you come up with location ideas should you choose an on location session.


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Want to follow my stories and track any updates? Instagram is my hotspot and where you will get to see my latest work!


Self-care starts with the right mindset

Self-care starts with the right mindset

Self-care starts with the right mindset

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